Business Coaching

Our coaches are committed to follow the Evercoach Code of Ethics guiding actions and decisions as coaches:

  •  Equality - I will respect all different cultures, ethnicities, national origin, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, immigration status, mental or physical disability, and will never reject a client based on these factors.

  • Confidentiality - I will keep everything that is discussed with my clients under strict confidence, unless there is information that can put my client or other people in danger, or unless I receive consent from my client to divulge part of the information.

  • Personal growth - I commit to keep constantly learning and developing new skills, so I can serve my clients in the best of my capacity.

  • Relationship - I will keep my relationship to my clients strictly professional, avoiding any closeness that may mislead to a romantic intention.

  • Payments - I will keep complete clarity on the payment conditions of our coaching relationship from the beginning, and will not charge any hidden fees.

  • Compassion - I will respect my client’s identity, stage of consciousness, experiences, values and beliefs.

  • Communication - My communication will always be clear and respectful. I will avoid using foul language or raising my voice to get my point across.

  • Scope of Practice - I will refer my client to another professional immediately when I see that a situation falls out of my scope of practice.