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Kaje Engineering has been using as our preferred hosting partner since 2003. We have over the years seen a provider developing and expanding both their service packages and the features within each package.

Your web pages can be created using's own Webeditor or as a WordPress installation. In both scenarios maintains the core installation, which leaves you to focus on maintaining the content and installed packages.

Over the years we have seen customers be in a position, where their former business partner happened to own their domain/ hosting account.

Using for hosting your domain gives you the opportunity to grant others access to maintain your web site and the associated features without giving them administrative access to your account. The combination of this feature and a multi-language has been an advantage for us when servicing customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, South Africa, USA and Spain.

Using our link you will be given a discount, when extending the hosting agreement after the first year - check out the nice pricing.